Smart LED Street Lamps & Security Lights

Using self-networks
[INQ. NO. 2106E01] CNWIDERS’s smart LED system uses its independently developed G-sub telecommunication technology – a self-network communication technology utilizing an IoT-based individual protocol – and thus enables remote controlling and monitoring of street lamps and security lights.
Recently, CNWIDERS started to provide creative, differentiated solutions through developing sophisticated AI-based smart LED street lamps and security lights (3000k ~ 6000k), all of which change with temperature and actively operate through interlocking with radar sensors, information on road situation, etc.

Smart LED Street Lamps & Security Lights

The smart LED street lamps & security lights that change with temperature facilitate the building of a network that remotely controls low-cost, high-efficiency self-networking smart street lamps on roads where traffic accidents frequently occur due to freezing, heavy snow, fog, etc.
Accordingly, these products can contribute to the creation of a safe road environment by improving a driver’s visibility and lowering the danger of accidents on numerous dangerous roads.
, based on its performance in the domestic market, intends to actively cope with growing overseas demand including from clients in developing regions such as countries in Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.
The smart LED street lamps & security lights that change with temperature, without depending on telecom companies, supports changeableness and monitoring of color and temperature at a suitable time and place. And these products suitably control and monitor color and temperature by analyzing censor information and weather senter information at the server.
As no separate maintenance costs are required after installation, it is easy for the existing general LED street lamps and security lights to be changed into smart LED lights.
In particular, in any countries without dependency on telecom companies, users can operate the wireless smart system and easily change the existing LED lamps into a smart system.

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