Premium Digital Mammography System

[INQ. NO. 2106E02] DRTECH’s AIDIA, a premium full-field digital mammography system, has drawn much attention at this year’s KIMES with its award-winning design, outstanding image quality, easy-to-use operational features. DRTECH first entered the breast imaging scene in 2015 with RoseM, its “world’s first digital mammography upgrade solution.”
Early detection is especially critical for breast cancer treatment as delayed diagnosis often leads to increased fatality rates.
Most Asian women have dense breasts making early diagnosis of breast cancer difficult.
As this is the case, high-quality mammograms are critical for detecting early signs of breast cancer such as micro-calcifications.
AIDIA enables early detection of premalignant and microcalcification with its high-quality images.
Available in two detector options, direct-type selenium detector with 65μm and the indirect-type CsI detector with 76µm, AIDIA has the smallest pixel size amongst all currently available mammography systems.

Premium Digital Mammography System

On top of this, AIDIA delivers high-quality diagnostic images using a tungsten (W) tube that results in high-quality X-ray beam, and automatic switching dual filter function adjusting filter settings based on the patient’s breast density controls optimal dose radiation quality used only in high-end premium digital mammography systems.
AIDIA differentiated itself from competitors by providing multiple detector options based on users’ preferences.
Most companies only provide one detector option for their systems such as Hologic (direct type) and GE (indirect type).
AIDIA provides direct type (UD/65µm) and indirect type(TD/76µm) detector options using DRTECH’s high-performance digital mammography detectors.

Premium Digital Mammography System

Also, the painless 1-2-3 feature of AIDIA has drastically shortened the breast compression time to minimize the pain and discomfort experienced by patients during breast examination. As the imaging time per patient is also decreased, hospitals can screen more patients for a higher patient throughput. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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