AI Smart Monitor Stand

[INQ. NO. 2106E03] DOT STAND V1, called a facilitator for healthy habits, is a healthcare robot designed in order to improve the status of diseases caused by abnormal postures and habits in daily life.
In particular, this is a specialized product for turtle neck syndrome that can cause pains of the neck and shoulder, and may be metastasized by deformation and disk – as a result of longtime use of monitors and smartphones.
The major cause of turtle neck is attributable to longtime use of computers in a certain regular posture. It is reasonable that if someone uses computer for long time in a certain posture, their necks carry the burden three or four times of the weight of their heads and external shocks delivered to necks. Therefore, doctors advise frequent computer users to do stretching every ten or 20 minutes.
DOT STAND V1, as a product that solves the major causes of turtle neck, guides the computer users to change their fixed type of problematic posture into a desirable posture after using a computer for more than a certain time in an abnormal posture.

This product is compatible with general PC monitors (under 4kg, except the existing monitor stands). The operating principle is that once the sensor attached to the front of the product recognizes the user’s posture, it provides customized training per user while towing the monitor up and down. As the monitor is towed away at a very slow speed, the user hardly feels any inconvenience.

The user can have continuous posture-induced training during computer use without investing separate efforts and time as he or she can change the posture depending on the movement of monitor in an unconscious way.

Ideal to be used as an individual’s healthcare robot that can change the working environment of modern people who are suffering from turtle neck syndrome including businesspersons and students, this product can be used as a smart monitor stand. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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