Multipurpose Shoe Sterilizer

[INQ. NO. 2106E04] Capsule S is a multipurpose shoe sterilizer that clearly manages the internal parts of shoes, is capturing great attention from buyers – amid the increasingly high importance placed on hygiene and sterilization caused by COVID-19.
SmartreumbangE’s Capsule S is the first wireless product that can sterilize, deodorize, and dry a pair of shoes at a time. This product, with a size of 2205858mm, can be carried and used anytime and anywhere and minimizes the damage to shoes as it is operated at 40 to 60 degrees C.
In auto mode, Capsule S carries out its most conspicuous functions where the built-in sensor for diagnosing humidity automatically checks the humidity in the inner part of shoes and operates after setting the optimal operating time by itself – thus ensuring increased efficiency thanks to reduction of unnecessary operating time.

Multipurpose Shoe Sterilizer

Capsule S is effective in preventing the outbreak of foot disease, skin disease, etc. by removing germs in the inner part of shoes by up to 99% in a hot-wind convection way, disposing of the remaining germs through UV, and disinfecting by itself.
Anyone can easily use this product merely by pressing a button. Users can always manage their shoes pleasantly by utilizing Auto Mode. Moreover, by using this multipurpose sterilization kit, the user can sterilize various goods that are used daily including masks, vehicles keys, and mobile phones.

Multipurpose Shoe Sterilizer

Established in 2018, SmartreumbangE Inc. is a manufacturer of daily sterilizer goods, providing solutions through research & development (R&D) by discovering inconvenient life issues – with a corporate motto, “Clients’ laziness is the source of our driving force for innovation.”
SmartreumbangE had in fact already won several kinds of prizes in the first year of its establishment, proving itself that it is highly competitive in designing and manufacturing innovative products.

Multipurpose Shoe Sterilizer

In 2019, SmartreumbangE finally made its debut in an overseas exhibition by participating in MWC 2019 in February, followed by its participation in CES 2020. As part of its efforts towards increasing its global presence, SmartreumbangE intends to participate in the Tokyo Gift Show in October this year. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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