Battery Packs & Cases

[INQ. NO. 2108E12] STATIC Corp., as a young and innovative startup, is developing, designing and manufacturing products with sophisticated designs and innovative functions in the smartphone accessory manufacturing sector.
Established in 2018 with a keen interest in the smartphone accessory industry, the company moved into the rapidly-expanding mobile phone battery-pack market in 2019 by first developing innovative iPhone X/X products (magnetic mountable wireless battery packs & cases).
STATIC is developing, designing and manufacturing products on its own. While most of the wireless battery-pack products are made in China based on OEM and few local companies have their own development and design capabilities, the company is proudly making its own products in Korea.
In 2020, the company launched products for iPhone 11 after upgrading them to the 2nd edition and started exporting for the first time.

Battery Packs & Cases

In 2021, it launched its own brand, ‘MAGPLUS,’ and advanced into the U.S., European, and Japanese markets.
MAGPLUS battery packs & cases, which are optimized for iPhone 12 and MagSafe lines, consist of smartphone cases with built-in magnets and battery packs used for MagSafe products, being compatible with all MagSafe iPhone accessories.

Battery Packs & Cases

The new accessory lines enable smartphones to be charged wirelessly anywhere and anytime, and to be easily mounted thanks to the built-in magnet. It can be stably used thanks to the application of a guide (battery pack/ power bank) and a home (case).
Aesthetic designs, luxury finishes and ergonomic structures, all of which meet customers’ needs, provide users with the best usability.

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