Microcurrent LED Scalp-Care Device


[INQ. NO. 2108E13] IL SCIENCE, the smart optic solution company, has verified immediate effect in a clinical demonstration of its microcurrent LED scalp-care device, FOLLINIC.
FOLLINIC is a new-concept dual care product that prevents alopecia from not only rejuvenating the scalp but also stimulating follicles with the dual effect of micro-current and LED.
In this clinical trial, it was evaluated for four qualities —scalp micro blood flow; moisture; cool down; and elasticity — by comparing before and after using the product. First, the immediate effect appears after applying the self-developed hair toner to the scalp — and then wearing a FOLLINIC helmet-type device for 20 minutes.
It verified that FOLLINIC concretely improves the condition of the scalp by increasing micro bloodflow 61%, moisture content 152%, and elasticity 9% — and helps the scalp cool down by increasing transepidermal water loss 26% and redness 20%.

Microcurrent LED Scalp-Care Device

The scalp needs special care when it is exposed to sunlight that may cause irritation and damage for a long time in the summer when UV is strong. FOLLINIC maintains a healthy scalp to deeply penetrate from the surface of the scalp to follicle by combining patented micro-current technology and 3-wavelength LED.

Microcurrent LED Scalp-Care Device

FOLLINIC delivers a 99% effective LED wavelength to the scalp with the silicone lens that is the core material of IL Science. In addition to 0.8lb ultra-lightweight, it gives comfort and maximizes convenience for use with wireless devices.
The technology to make hair healthy by flowing micro-current to the scalp and stimulating hair root was developed based on its two patents related to ‘alopecia-preventing device using micro-current.’ This micro-current effect has been mentioned several times in renowned foreign scientific papers, but it is the first time that it has been applied to scalp care products.

Microcurrent LED Scalp-Care Device

IL Science is preparing to launch the family product of alopecia care toner and shampoo made by its subsidiary company IL Bio that raises effectiveness by using it with the device.

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