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[INQ. NO. 2108E20] Willog eliminates the blind spots in logistics by transparently recording a product’s qualitative data. From distribution to end-user, Willog can track and trace the product and allow stakeholders to make data-based decisions.
Willog’s comprehensive monitoring solutions are composed of an OTQ device, QR scan app, and control software.
Users first attach or enclose the OTQ device with the product. The 5cm OTQ device, which is small enough to be placed into each box, can narrow down the scope of inspection. The One-Time QR code, OTQ, prints a new QR whenever data is logged and prevents problems like data manipulation.
Once distribution starts, the OTQ records qualitative information like temperature, humidity, light, and shock. The accumulated data is instantly uploaded to the cloud server when users scan the QR code. They can view the distribution history and manage data on the Control Software. Willog’s software has wide-ranging features such as alarm management and digital reports.

QR Data Logger

Willog’s monitoring solution provides the following benefits to businesses:
Firstly, Willog simplifies the supply-chain management process. Paper-based logistics systems can be replaced with Willog’s software, whereby XLSX and PDF files can be downloaded and shared through the control software.
Secondly, Willog does not require an external device to transfer and integrate data. The device does not need to be plugged into a computer, as the simple QR scanning process replaces all other unnecessary steps.
And finally, Willog optimizes the supply chain by providing unalterable data on the product’s distribution history. When accidents do occur, Willog’s data can be used to clarify accountability between the stakeholders.

QR Data Logger

Willog started its journey as a fresh food distributor, Seohyun Fresh Lab. During the distribution process, the company realized that there were numerous blind spots in the cold-chain logistics industry where records were tampered with and vaccines were exposed to room temperature.
Based on this experience and with its know-how, it decided to become a pioneer of logistics transforming the opaque logistics system into a more transparent one.
With its comprehensive logistics monitoring system, the company aims to create a more transparent logistics ecosystem worldwide.

QR Data Logger

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