Electric Heaters


[INQ. NO. 2108E22] InterHeat Inc., established in 1995, specializes in producing electric heaters for poultry farming, pig breeding and the greenhouse industry. The company exports infrared lamps, lamp protectors and carbon fiber heaters under its own brand, ‘InterHeat.’
After launching the carbon fiber heater with greatly improved thermal efficiency and lifetime, Interheat’s products are now being exported to 65 countries while extending the circle of business to the Middle East and Africa as well as the USA, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.
InterHeat’s new product ‘LPN300S-BR’ (lamp protector for nest system) is a unique design of its own.
Before this LPN300S-BR was presented to the livestock (swine) market, pig farmers always needed to look for a solution for a lamp protector to be fitted to their nest system as each nest cover had a different sized hole to hold the Lamp Protector.

Electric Heaters

Now, the farmers do not need to search for a solution as InterHeat’s LPN300S-BR is able to be affixed to any type of nest system with the help of the bracket ring which is the part of LPN300S designed to fix their LPN300S to fit any nest cover from any other company.
In addition, further advantages of InterHeat’s LPN300S-BR in more detail are as follows:
LPN300S-BR has a 3-way switch with high-off-low settings to control the output of energy during different seasons, so the farmers can also save on energy.
Many of the lamp protectors from other companies have some holes to release heat to prevent overheating inside the product. Therefore, cleaning the items with water is quite difficult as the water can enter the equipment and cause problems.
However, InterHeat’s LPN300S-BR can release the heat from inside the products to prevent overheating without having holes through its own technology, so the farmers do not need to worry about the leakage of electricity with water-cleaning.

Electric Heaters

As explained above, the heat inside the Lamp Protector can be emitted easily without holes in the product.
This is because the product has a special radiating function and it helps extend the lifetime of the heating lamp being used.
This product is an innovation in the livestock industry and InterHeat will continue developing such items to assist pig farmers.
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