Battery System for ESS

[INQ. NO. 2108E30] INCELL Co., Ltd. is a unique company in Korea which produces the battery system for ESS based on the compact cell technology of Samsung SDI. At present, the compact cell of Samsung SDI is the same product as the cell used by Tesla.
Based on its own BMS (Battery Management System) and specialized packaging technology, INCELL produces battery packs of various products, such as AGV, medical equipment, EV, etc. as well as the battery system for ESS.
In particular, in the case of ESS, INCELL directly produces the battery and EMS (Energy Management System), which are the core elements of ESS, except PCS (which is procured from partners).
INCELL supplies the customized service that can satisfy the customers’ needs by providing a total solution ranging from design and construction of the system to PF procurement.

Lithium Battery System
The packaging technology using the cell of Samsung SDI has the features of high safety and energy density and easy maintenance. As EMS can be used for communication and monitoring, you can check the amount of charge and discharge or abnormal condition. Its Lithium battery system is scalable in capacity ranging from tens of kWh to hundreds of kWh.
INCELL can also provide the energy storage equipment connected to solar light and wind power generation systems and backup systems for high-capacity UPS.

Battery System for ESS

Residential ESS
The power produced by the solar light panel in the ESS battery can be stored and used when needed. When the batteries are connected plurally, the capacity can be expanded so as to meet the demand of households with unstable power supply or wide range of power consumption.

Battery System for ESS

Mobility Battery
Smart Mobility has become a common concept we can easily see and hear about in our daily lives nowadays. INCELL’s Lithium battery for Mobility can be applied to various products and fields such as AGV, EV, electrical forklifts, movable X-ray medical machines, robots, drones, etc.
In addition, the battery has such merits as safety, high efficiency, durability, eco-friendliness, cost reduction, etc., and can be tailored to necessary products. As a result, INCELL’s Lithium battery can provide the most suitable battery solutions for the Smart Mobility sector.
INCELL completed the acquisition of the UL1973 certification for ESS products.

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