Braille Devices

Dot Module 20
[INQ. NO. 2108E31] Dot Incorporation, which has developed its own cell through an electromagnet-driven actuator and acquired more than 110 patents, is introducing a number of Braille devices using micro Braille cells.
Dot Module 20 of Dot is comprised of 20 Braille cells at, weighing 182g.
The product receives data through a USB stick connected to a PC or kiosk. The transmitted data is displayed in 20 reproducible Braille cells that provide information to the visually-impaired. By pressing the buttons on either side, the user is able to go back to the previous or to the next sentence to read the information.

Braille Devices

Dot Pad
Dot’s Dot Pad, which is made up of 300 micro Braille cells, is used as a graphic display unlike the other existing products based on Braille cells.
With a size of 262×180×23.7mm and weighing 1.14kg, the product uses Braille to display images, graphs, maps, and others on the pad for the visually impaired to have them feel with their fingertips when placed on Braille cells.

Braille Devices

DOT Barrier-Free Kiosk
By applying the aforementioned Dot Module 20 and Dot Pad, Dot has presented a Barrier-free Kiosk. It can be used and operated through the touch-system. Unlike the existing kiosks that provide information on the flat screen, Dot Barrier-free Kiosk helps users to access information through Braille, sign language, and voice.
It can also be operated with a smart keypad, and is equipped with an automatic height adjustment function which is suitable for the user through a sensor, voice guidance, and a screen enlargement and reduction function for people with low vision.

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