Table Tennis Robot

[INQ. NO. 2109E02] Anyone can easily enjoy table tennis, which can help players develop agility, judgment, and muscles in their entire bodies.
That’s why it is also called ‘a gift from God.’ To enjoy this game, the two players must be skilled enough to continue the rally.
But this table tennis robot (“Honnol Takgu PL-1”) was developed to help beginners enjoy table tennis to the fullest, and for the experts improve their skills.
The existing table tennis robots simply supported the players, but this innovative table tennis robot is expected to earn recognition as the ‘co-star of table tennis.’
This robot is fully automatic. It is easy to operate. A remote controller is available, so the player can control the robot while playing.
This robot can shoot the (fine-tuned) balls with spin, in the same way as if a human player would. It is more than a machine that simply shoots the balls.

Table Tennis Robot

It can be used for a long time because the head of the table tennis robot does not become hot when moving the landing spot of the ball (the direction of the ball), and the robot is highly durable.
The company programed the general ball qualities (spin and landing point) to make it convenient for the user to select them with a push of a button.
The robot has a low failure rate, and it is easy to repair even if it breaks down.
The users can relieve their stresses, lose weight, and prevent dementia by using this table tennis robot.
At this moment, many products are available in the global table tennis robot market.

Table Tennis Robot

Among the table tennis robots sold in the market, the table tennis robot of YME KOREA is receiving great feedback from consumers due to its top-level performance, and it has the world’s highest cost-effectiveness. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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