Water Purifier


[INQ. NO. 2109E01] CJK Alliance Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to manufacturing water-treatment systems, such as water purifiers and water-treatment plants.
The company exports its own-brand products as well as OEM products (water purifiers, heaters, and coolers) to Japan and other foreign markets. To satisfy its customers’ demand for high quality, it is ceaselessly developing and manufacturing new products.

Direct-Flow Water Purifier
Clapiel Slim of CJK Alliance is a direct-flow water purifier that has no water reservoir tank. Its faucet can be moved to the left or the right. Because its body is ultra-slim, it can be placed in a small space in any direction.
It is a DIY product that can be easily installed. Quick-change filters are used so that anyone can easily replace the filters.
The water tray and the faucet can be detached and cleaned for better hygiene. The basic model does not require power, so it can be used without electricity.
The UV model has a strong sterilization function and an LED UV sterilization indicator.

Water Purifier

Cooling and Heating Water Purifier
CJK Alliance’s Water Talk Stand and the Water Talk Half are convenient and safe cooling and heating water purifiers. They have a 4-step purification system (sediment, pre-carbon, UF, and post-carbon), which continuously provides abundant pure water. These UF filters can filter 100% of the input water without any loss.
Also, the user can turn off the heating function and switch the operating mode to room-temperature water + cold-water mode.
The customers can choose the stand model or the half-style model according to their preferences.

Water Purifier

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