[INQ. NO. 2109E11] OFIX, a brand launched by GCI Inc., a company specializing in Optimal Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) with a vision of connecting customers, is an IoT-based portable OTDR operated by mobile app through Bluetooth.
In 5G mobile communication and CCTV networks, where communication demands are increasing exponentially in recent years, OFIX quickly finds the point of failure when an optical fiber that constitutes the network is disconnected.
It has a light weight of 340g and a compact size of 9117533mm, so it is easy to carry so that you can hang it on your neck and lightly climb an antenna tower.
In addition, since measurement results are stored indefinitely on a smartphone, measurement results can be conveniently transmitted anytime, anywhere.


Therefore, OFIX is essential optical-fiber line measurement equipment for telecommunication service providers or companies that build, operate and maintain optical cables.
Since its founding in Daejeon, Korea in June 2015, GCI has been carrying out R&D to become a small but strong company in the field of wired and wireless communications.
Under the vision of ‘customers connect dotted values,’ GCI has developed an IoT-based portable measuring device, OFIX, based on innovative ideas to become a professional company in measuring quality of optical cables used for communications.


OFIX is well-recognized for its outstanding technology and is being supplied to KT (Korea Telecom) and other communication providers.
As it is also well-received for its cost-effectiveness by foreign nations and is being exported to Greece, Thailand, and other countries.
OFIX is able to find the exact disconnected spots of optical cables that constitute 5G communications and CCTV networks, for which demand is exponentially rising. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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