Homecare Beauty Devices


[INQ. NO. 2109E21] Cubist Co., Ltd. offers home beauty care that anyone can practice easily and conveniently. Cubist is dedicated to providing products to enable anyone to achieve beauty easily. It is a company that plans, designs, and manufactures products by understanding the needs and desires of customers.
The LED Cell Liner made by Cubist is designed for users with patented technology. LED + microcurrent beauty device cell liner with stability is widely recognized in the USA, Europe, and Korea. It supplies moisture and nutrition with microcurrent and smoothes out rough skin texture.

Revolutionary 5-In-1 Skincare System
This combines proven technologies to deliver treatment that stimulates dermal activity, tightening collagen fibers while increasing production.
LED light therapy of different wavelengths penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin to deliver nutrition and increase cell healing. Photo-rejuvenation can help reduce skin conditions such as sun/age spots, broken capillaries and improve signs of wrinkles.

Homecare Beauty Devices

Galvanic Ions
This deeply cleanses the skin of impurities that restore shine and glow. This process happens when negatively charged ions attract and encapsulate toxins, preparing them to be removed. Positive ions work to attract the encapsulated impurities from the skin, leaving the face thoroughly cleaned.
Electroporation/Wave Technology
This is a high-level sound wave technology that penetrates deeper than the dermal layer — thus increasing the surrounding temperature, expanding oxygenation to the cells, stimulating collagen protein, and aiding in removing toxins at 3MHz. In addition, it benefits the skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, clarifies breakouts and blemishes.

Homecare Beauty Devices

Ergonomic design for everyone
The LED Cell Liner has a transparent cap for hygienic storage, and the effect of the wavelength can be maximized by arranging the LED lights closely. In addition, the parts of the skin that come into contact are chromed to prevent corrosion and abrasion, making them safer to use.
The product is lightweight with an ABS plastic body. It has an optimal angle to the skin contact surface, so it is convenient to use. Also, it is possible to operate the on & off and mode with one button. The design of the product, which is made according to the shape of a human hand, provides a comfortable grip for the user.
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