Remote-Control Instant Heating Bidet

[INQ. NO. 2109E20] This product is an electronic bidet of the instantaneous water-heating type that washes the cleaning area with warm water and dries it with warm wind without using toilet paper while you sit on the warm toilet seat in the bathroom. Depending on the size of the toilet bowl, it is divided into the elongated type (440 * 540 * 175mm) and the round type (440 * 510 * 175mm) for consumers to install easily.
In particular, this product is hygienic with instantaneous water-heating without flush tank and it is an energy-saving bidet that consumes power only when in use. Compared with the existing flush tank type, it has about 50% of both power-saving and water-saving effect. In addition, you can use the product at the desired temperature by arbitrarily controlling the temperature of the warm water even during cleaning.
As continuous cleaning is possible at a constant temperature without any temperature deviation of the cleaning water, this product is very effective for those who need a sitz bath such as women, expectant mothers, patients with anal diseases like hemorrhoids, and constipation, etc. Using the remote controller, children, the elderly, and the disabled, can use this product easily.

Remote-Control Instant Heating Bidet

Application of an air pump enables this product to be used in areas where the water pressure is low, and you can wash softly and quickly with the air bubble cleaning.
You can add aromatic material to the bidet and, when the functional button of deodorization and etiquette is pressed, music starts playing, adding a pleasant and refined atmosphere to the restroom. In addition, the UV lamp removes the bacteria in the nozzle and inner part of the toilet bowl. The clean water filtered through the water purifier washes the cleaning area carefully.
The structure of the nozzle is a detachable type of twin method and, when the nozzle washing button is pressed, the nozzle is washed automatically, and the nozzle can be used depending on the body type and the physical constitution.
You can select the function of the automatic power-saving and the timed power-saving using the remote controller, thereby minimizing energy consumption, and this product has a time-setting function so that you can check the present time on the LCD of the remote controller.

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