Magnetic Compass(SMC-1000 / SMC-1000T)

[INQ. NO. 2109E27] The bearing of a ship is basic information for “determining the bearing of the ship, maintaining the ship’s course and steering the ship” and directly impacts the safe and economic voyage of the ship.
According to the rule that requires at least two methods of identifying the bearing for an accurate determination of the bearing, the merchant ships uses the gyro-compass and magnetic compass in combination.
The magnetic compass of SeaNet is designed and tested under the most recent IMO, ISO and IEC rules.
It can be applied to various solutions required for the design of a shipyard, and it can be easily installed in the field.

Magnetic Compass(SMC-1000 / SMC-1000T)

By applying the integral bowl, SeaNet’s magnetic compass has excellent quality and can be easily maintained and repaired. The magnetic compass of SeaNet has acquired the MED, USCG, and KG certificates.

Magnetic Compass(SMC-1000 / SMC-1000T)

Electronic Inclinometer (SEI-1000)

[INQ. NO. 2009E27] Since the 2006 accident that occurred on the cruise ship, the Crown Princess, the roll & pitch angle became an important issue because the ship’s roll & pitch angle was not properly provided to the crew.
The Electronic inclinometer of SeaNet is a high-quality roll & pitch measuring equipment that does not sensitively react to horizontal and vertical accelerations, which can provide information on the movement and steering, trim, cargo condition, and stability condition of a ship.
This product has a 7-inch touch screen and an ethernet-based digital interface for quick data exchange with other systems, which allows the product to be flexibly linked to the WIFI (VDR and various sailing communication equipment).

Magnetic Compass(SMC-1000 / SMC-1000T)

This product provides an Android OS smartphone application, and when the SD card option is chosen, the user can also back up the data. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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