Emerging as a Global Leader in Dental X-Ray Systems


[INQ. NO. 2109E28] Established in 2007, Win Win Korea Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing and distributing digital oral X-ray systems for dental diagnosis, thereby gaining customer satisfaction.
We interviewed the CEO of the company for an overall introduction of the company, and the current business strategy and advancement into global markets.

Please briefly introduce your company
Win Win Korea Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a company specializing in manufacturing and distributing digital oral X-ray systems for dental diagnosis and ensuring customer satisfaction.
In the earlier stage of our business, we provided advice on opening dental clinics, and supplied dental equipment.
We started to import medical devices in 2009, and exported dental equipment from 2011. And since 2018, we have been manufacturing and exporting portable X-ray machines, intra-oral sensors, and compressors for dental clinics and veterinary science under our own brand.
As the name, “Win Win Korea,” implies, we devote our best efforts to creating synergy with dentists and their partners, through mutually beneficial cooperation and growing together with them.
Our philosophy is to manufacture, sell, and distribute the best products featuring our cutting-edge technology based on 28 years of experience in the dental equipment business.

Emerging as a Global Leader in Dental X-Ray Systems

What are your major export products?
We have mainly been selling the gun-type portable X-ray equipment (brand name: MAESTRO RX-7) that has been manufactured since 2018. This year, we succeeded in manufacturing a camera-type X-ray device (brand name: WIN-X), and plan to export WIN-X in earnest toward global promising markets from 2022.
Also, we have been steadily selling the intra-oral sensor that we initially manufactured in 2020.
What is your special export strategy during the era of the COVID-19 pandemic?
After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibitions were canceled, and so the opportunities to meet buyers disappeared.
In order for us to overcome this situation, we started promoting our company and our products through so-called ‘untact’ channels.
We have revamped our website, prepared product videos, and are carrying out online marketing campaigns.
Of special note, we are receiving e-mails from buyers who found out about the information materials, and are selling certain amounts of export items upon completing consultations and export agreements.

Emerging as a Global Leader in Dental X-Ray Systems

Please say a few words about your products to potential global buyers
Still, there are many dental clinics without our portable X-rays. We strongly hope to purchase our best-quality X-rays among Korea’s certified products, instead of buying Chinese-made products, which are lower-priced but easily exposed to breakdowns and peril of radiation leakage.
We ensure the quality and value of our X-ray products in terms of both prices and performance.
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