High-frequency Chargers


[INQ. NO. 2110E21] Dongeun Charger Co., Ltd. is a company that professionally develops, produces and sells high-frequency, lead-acid battery chargers based on the principle of high frequency. Dongeun Charger is making every effort to develop not only lead-acid batteries, but also lithium-ion batteries and promote sustainable energy in the future.
The features of the company’s high-frequency chargers are that they are small, light, and silent. The electricity-saving benefits are ensured thanks to high energy-efficiency and accurate charging method.
If used for more than a year, charger exchange costs will be covered by electricity-cost reduction and improvement of battery efficiency. The excellent effect on extending battery life is thanks to the control function of the MCU board that prevents shortening of battery life due to accumulation of sulfate.
Charging is possible in an open way regardless of battery capacity. Battery condition can be diagnosed with LED and LCD windows.
These chargers can be easily charged by using a generator even in the event of a power outage.
They are safer than anything else because they have a protection circuit to prevent electro-magnetic waves. They can improve work motivation through convenience and visual fulfillment.

High-frequency Chargers

High-frequency precision medical devices are also used in various medical fields ‒ such as thermostats, thermo-cancer treatments, physical therapy devices, and massage devices.
Dongeun Charger supplies all types of battery chargers for secondary batteries including lead acid battery, lithium series batteries, etc.
Founded in 2016, Dongeun Charger has been growing with steadily increasing sales. Since 2017, the company has been actively participating in the International Green Car Exhibition, targeting buyers from Vietnam, India, Iran, Poland, and Germany.

High-frequency Chargers

Dongeun Charger is emphasizing its recently acquired CE certification, especially with the aim of strengthening overseas marketing for boosting exports. This year, Dongeun Charger is actively working to develop the overseas markets, based on its domestic foundation with the help of the local KOTRA offices in foreign countries.

High-frequency Chargers

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