ZombieZERO APT & EDR Solution


[INQ. NO. 2110E22] NPCore is an AI-based new variant malware (APT) response solution provider offering optimal security solutions for defending the network and endpoints.
Today’s highly sophisticated cyberattackers use newly invented or transformed malware as attack tools, often circumventing existing signature-based security solutions that can only respond to known attacks ‒ thereby resulting in significant damage over a short period; the so- called ‘ Zero-Day.’ The ZombieZERO product series, on the other hand, prevent a successful attack by analyzing malware using sandbox technology. ZombieZERO provides multi-analyses of unknown malware via signature, static, dynamic and reputation analyses. It therefore provides proactive detection and subsequent blocking of security threats before a system can be compromised.
There are two product lines in the ZombieZERO series: ‘ZombieZERO APT’ (Advanced Persistent Threat) for network, file transfer and email defense, and the ‘ZombieZERO EDR’ (Endpoint Detection and Response), which provides defense for endpoints. These two product lines are integrated into a single system to enable as accurate a solution as possible.

ZombieZERO APT & EDR Solution

ZombieZERO APT can also be deployed independently, depending on customer needs or environments among Network APT, File APT, and Email APT. And an integrated management interface is included.
Network APT is an innovative security solution that detects and blocks new malware and malware variants by collecting and analyzing valid data generated by network traffic.
File APT detects and blocks malicious codes in files transmitted between an external network and an internal network in connection with a network-linked solution in an environment where the networks are separated. Email APT analyzes emails and removes malicious codes contained in an email before sending the email to the mail server.
ZombieZERO EDR is a security solution in the form of an agent that detects and blocks ransomware, new malware and malware variants using AI-based behavioral analysis. It can be configured and operated in two ways: on-premises or cloud.
The cloud-based variant is called ZombieZERO SECaas, and is installed in the form of an agent through a dedicated website. It also provides full functions such as purchase/installation/central management on the website. This service is suitable for small business and remote/home working environments.
As the trend of remote work increases due to COVID-19, the demand for cybersecurity solutions is also increasing down the line. ZombieZERO SECaas can be conveniently used at an affordable price on a monthly subscription basis. Therefore, it is suitable for individuals as well as enterprises, government agencies and financial institutions.

ZombieZERO APT & EDR Solution

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