High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves Skin Care Treatment Device


[INQ. NO. 2110E23] BE&BI Tech’s UCOS-HIFU product is a skin-care treatment device that can perform a cosmetic procedure on the face in a short time using focal ultrasonic waves, causing no damage or side effects to the skin layers, thereby enhancing skin elasticity and improving skin wrinkle care.
Lifting a part of the body, intensifying skin elasticity, improving skin ageing, and natural maintaining of body shape, can be done through the UCOS-HIFU procedure.

UCOS-HIFU system is noninvasive, and can be done within 10~30 minutes of short procedure time, without any scars or traces after the procedure, with extremely rare occurrence of any side-effects, and enabling the user to resume daily life right after the procedure.

High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves Skin Care Treatment Device

Because ultrasonic-wave energy is transmitted even to the dermal muscular layer (SMAS) without necrosis in surrounding cells, wrinkle improvement is excellent for nasolabial folds and fine wrinkles in the brow, the corners of the eyes, below the eyes, and the jawline − compared to existing laser IR or RF devices.
You can verify improvement effects immediately after the procedure with the naked eye and maintain supple skin for a long time.

High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves Skin Care Treatment Device

For face procedures, facial lifting, and tightening, effects can be expected using six cartridges that have different depths of ultrasonic wave irradiation into the skin layers, so, body procedures can be effective for body slimming and body shape management using three types of cartridges.

High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves Skin Care Treatment Device

BE&BI Tech is committed to being a caring company, helpful to customers and society, through mutual cooperation aiming for sustainable new technology development for human health and happiness, and customer satisfaction.

High-Intensity Ultrasonic Waves Skin Care Treatment Device

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