RF Ablation Systems


[INQ. NO. 2111E19] As a manufacturer, RF Medical has been dedicated to popularizing radiofrequency ablation treatments since 2003.
Its sophisticated technology has allowed it to spread its business to more than 50 countries and proven quality has gained it a strong reputation in the market. RF Medical strives to create a healthier world through continuous investment in research and development.
RF Medical’s RF (radio frequency) ablation system consists of a radiofrequency generator, a cooling pump, and various types of radiofrequency electrodes. The radiofrequency ablation system is used worldwide to treat different types of soft tissue.
The use of the radiofrequency ablation system for treatment in soft tissue ablation ranges from liver tumors (HCC), to renal cancer (RCC), lung cancer, thyroid tumors, and uterine myoma, etc., and even to varicose vein treatments. The RF ablation system provides patients an opportunity to get treated in a safe and minimally invasive way.

RF Ablation Systems

Its RF generator V-1000 is CE & U.S. FDA 510 (k) approved. This generator is compatible with various types of RF electrodes that are manufactured and supplied by RF Medical. It has a user-friendly touch screen interface and can also be controlled by a foot switch, if needed.
The biggest advantage of this generator is that it comes with pre-loaded algorithms, such as the impedance-controlled mode, temperature-controlled mode, manual mode, etc. These pre-loaded algorithms help physicians to use this RF ablation system for various kinds of indications.
The company’s RF electrodes that can be used with the V-1000 generator are also CE & U.S. FDA 510(k) approved.

RF Ablation Systems

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