Massage Machine

[INQ. NO. 2111E20] GHL Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in manufacturing medical devices and health care products for use at home. GHL steadily invests in R&D and acquiring certificates, and explores overseas markets.
The company received the Tower of Export Award for exporting US$10 million worth of products and has been designated as a promising SME by the Gyeonggi-do provincial government in 2019. GHL is striving to develop the industry further.
AirChiro is a product to which GHL’s technological expertise is applied. Its elements arranged alongside the spinal curve massage and stretch the periphery of the spine and keep the body warm by delivering heat.
GHL’s spine chuna limb compression thermal treatment device (Korean patent no. 10-1644959) and other patents related to air pressure and noise control are applied to AirChiro.
AirChiro provides natural massage, acupressure treatment and stretching by controlling air pressure in different parts using body weight.

Massage Machine

AirChiro can be used by men and women of all ages and can improve spine-related and chronic illnesses when constantly used.
AirChiro was developed with support from the Gyeonggi-do provincial government in 2017, and GHL’s patented technologies and manufacturing expertise have been applied to AirChiro.
Users can experience stretching and exercise effects while comfortably lying down, as AirChiro uses air pressure and body weight. Since AirChiro can deliver compression and Chuna massage (chiropractic), its users can enjoy acupressure and posture correction effects.

Massage Machine

Also, AirChiro can provide full-body and partial-body intensive care as it provides automatic and manual operation modes.
The heat-emitting acupressure element is ergonomically designed and made of natural mineral composite, which makes AirChiro more luxurious. AirChiro delivers a combined and optimized massage, acupressure and warming effects to its users.

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