An Emerging Specialist in Global Radar Markets

[INQ. NO. 2111E21] IUPLUS Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a globally emerging company in the radar sensors market. The company is currently about to release its cutting-edge wearable vital sensors, used for monitoring and analyzing body signals.
Notably, the company recently started a joint development with several promising companies – in order to develop the applied products with radar ECG sensors for the U-health medical sector and the self-driving vehicle field.

We interviewed the CEO for an overall introduction of the company, and its current business strategy and advancement into global markets.


Could you please briefly tell us about your company?
Established in December 9, 2011, we have developed our own technologies and products related to radar sensors as a professional radar sensor manufacturer.
We offer various products for physical security, transportation, industrial measuring sensors, IoT, and other sectors. Recently, we have been planning to release wearable vital sensors that will be used to detect and analyze body signals.
We boast a low false-detection rate as all products feature algorithms used to remove environmental noise. Through our self-developed radar performance measurement device, we are able to secure solutions to product quality and mass production.
We will take the lead in helping to create a more beautiful and convenient world by utilizing radar technologies.

An Emerging Specialist in Global Radar Markets

What are your main export products?
As the current radar sensor market is in its early stages both at home and abroad, we need to put a lot of time and effort into overseas marketing activities for exports.
We have expanded product lines through reflecting on the needs of the numerous global buyers from Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Japan, and other countries.
Lately, as the demand for radar sensors increases, we are currently receiving requests for business consultations from overseas companies – through KOTRA, export consultation meetings at overseas exhibitions, etc.
In particular, we have received many inquiries regarding the supply of vital radar sensors, and we are in currently in negotiations with a Taiwan-based company.
With our own radar technology, we aim to achieve export success for vital radar sensors.

An Emerging Specialist in Global Radar Markets

Do you have any special export strategies in the era of COVID-19?
There are many companies that are considering ‘untact’ sensing solutions since the era of COVID-19 started. Particularly, there is a new market that is being formed for ‘untact’ electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors in the U-health medical sector. And in the self-driving area, the ‘untact’ ECG sensor market is emerging to monitor the status of drivers.
At present, we are jointly developing products applied with ‘untact’ ECG sensors suitable for the aforementioned markets – in cooperation with a number of companies.
The applied products are being developed for export to overseas markets, beyond the domestic market. While doing so, we are focusing on the future value for individual health management.


Finally, please give a short message for overseas potential buyers
We are able to supply various products requested by global customers through experience and know-how on radar sensors, microwaves, and digital technologies that we have built up over the past 10 years.
In addition, we have the capacity to mass-produce the world-class radar measuring equipment based upon our innovative technologies and expertise.
IUPLUS Co., Ltd. will ceaselessly strive to satisfy our invaluable customers – through providing top-quality services based on radar sensor technologies. Thank you. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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