Single/Three-Phase Solid Automatic Circuit Recloser

[INQ. NO. 2112E10] Entec’s single/three-phase solid automatic circuit recloser (EPRIS/EPR-1, EPR-2, EPR-3) are designed for the application in overhead line and substation for voltage classes up to 15.5kV, 27kV, and 38kV, respectively.
The operating mechanism uses a permanent magnetic actuator that guarantees high reliability and maintenance-free operation. It uses vacuum interrupters encapsulated in epoxy bushings for arc quenching, thus eliminating the need for insulants such as oil and gas.
The bushings are made of Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy (HCEP) that provides excellent insulation performance even under harsh climatic environments and in polluted areas.

Single/Three-Phase Solid Automatic Circuit Recloser

The recloser tank and control cubicle are made of stainless steel, which has strong endurance against hot, humid, dusty, or corrosive environments.
The recloser is supplied with a complete microprocessor-based controller (ETR300-R or EVRC2A-NT) including metering, monitoring, recording, and communication functions.
The recloser has been fully type-tested by accredited laboratories such as KEMA, CESI or KERI according to the international standards ANSI/IEEE C37.60 and IEC 62271-111.
Entec’s vision is to become a leading company in the field of medium voltage switchgear and distribution automation through active research and investment.

Single/Three-Phase Solid Automatic Circuit Recloser

Entec has been steadily supplying its products to the Korea Electricity Corporation (KEPCO) and is recognized for its quality and technology. Its products are being exported to more than 50 countries, it is continuing to expand its global business.
Entec’s solid insulated technology for environment-friendly applications is especially well known for its superb quality. With ENTEC’s innovated development and outstanding production processes, the company ensures that both overhead line and underground line electrical equipment have a high level of interruption durability. ENTEC has been a no. 1 contributor to safe and reliable power substation and distribution line systems in Korea.

Single/Three-Phase Solid Automatic Circuit Recloser

Ceaseless commitment and rising to the challenge while seeking new technologies will make ENTEC the most successful electric power company in the world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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