Electric Carbon XC Bicycle(Carlos C1)


[INQ. NO. 2112E11] KOENG Co., Ltd., a Korean manufacturer of smart e-mobility and lithium-ion battery packs, introduced the Carlos C1.
Carlos C1 is a light-weight electric bicycle that weighs only 21 kilograms thanks to its carbon frame, but comes with a powerful mid-drive Bafang M600 motor. The light and elastic carbon frame significantly reduced the driving fatigue while minimizing air resistance.
KOENG has automated lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing facilities, and adopted Samsung SDI’s cells to power Carlos C1. KOENG applied its own BMS to make its battery pack more stable.

Electric Carbon XC Bicycle(Carlos C1)

The 48V, 14Ah lithium-ion battery pack can power the bicycle for a 150 km-ride in one charge, and it is double-locked inside the down tube of the carbon frame. All battery packs are tested for their quality in Korea.
The Carlos C1 comes with 27.5-by-2.15” Hutchinson Tires, a 12-speed S-ride drivetrain from Taiwan, and 48V, 500W Bafang M600 motor. The M600 motor, with its maximum torque of 120N.m, presents an excellent performance.

Electric Carbon XC Bicycle(Carlos C1)

KOENG is an e-mobility company that manufactures electric bicycles, electric kickboards, electric wheelchairs, and electric motorcycles, and uses high-quality battery packs made from its lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing facility in Korea.
The company significantly enhanced its manufacturing capacity by improving its battery pack manufacturing processes and reduced the defect ratio of its battery packs using its charge/discharge tester, BMS tester, and battery pack tester.

Electric Carbon XC Bicycle(Carlos C1)

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