4th-generation Dental Implant System (IBS Implant)


[INQ. NO. 2112E17] The IBS Implant system is an innovative 4th-generation dental implant that can fit into the alveolar bone, even if the width of the alveolar bone is narrow or the oral cavity is not in such a good condition.
It minimizes the need for bone grafting, and is specialized for the least-invasive surgery where the artificial teeth can be implanted immediately after a tooth is extracted.
It is an all-in-one dental implant that minimizes the inflammation by the micro gap and the loosening of the screw that occurs in the course of administering the existing process of ‘tightening the abutment after implantation.’ It fundamentally solves the problem of breakage after long use. It also has excellent durability as it is made of high-strength titanium.

4th-generation Dental Implant System (IBS Implant)

Jewon Wang, the developer of the IBS Implant system, is a dentist who has been carrying out dental surgeries for more than 20 years. Based on the clinical experience he has accumulated during numerous surgeries, he created the IBS Magic Surgical System and the Magicore implant. His aim was ‘Innovative Bio-friendly Surgery,’ to solve the problems of the old surgery method (where the gum is damaged and the bone is exposed to implant the artificial teeth), and to make the process more comfortable for both the dentist and the patient by reducing the long surgery time.

4th-generation Dental Implant System (IBS Implant)

The research center of INNOBIOSURG CO., LTD. is constantly developing fixtures, abutments and surgical tools for dental implant surgery. It has acquired product certifications and established quality assurance systems applicable not only to Korea, but also to other countries, including the USA, Canada, China, Russia, and countries in Europe.
INNOBIOSURG has 26 registered patents in Korea and 71 registered patents in other countries so that it can secure the foundation for the sale of its products and protect the IP rights related to its unique product design. INNOBIOSURG also has submitted 37 patent applications in other countries.

4th-generation Dental Implant System (IBS Implant)

INNOBIOSURG also has developed Magic Motion which is considered as a revolution in the field of Implant-supported dentures. Magic Motion is the world’s 1st Overdenture Based on soft tissue Support, maintained with two implants in maxilla, and is easy to take on/off.
INNOBIOSURG with its magic products and system aims to be one of the fourth biggest implant companies in the world within the next few years.

4th-generation Dental Implant System (IBS Implant)

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