Smart Cooking Devices

[INQ. NO. 2112E18] Bumil Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1980, is an enterprise specialized in producing heating plates, a part used in electric rice cookers, electric frying pans, medical devices, etc. and IH work coil parts used in IH range and IH rice cooker.
Bumil Industrial Co.,Ltd. has such domestic customers as Cuchen Co., Ltd., Cuckoo Electronics and LG Electronics. As for the foreign customers, it has been trading with Tiger, Toshiba, etc. of Japan for 21 years and is the only Korean enterprise exporting single parts to these companies.
Based on its accumulated technological prowess, Bumil Industrial has launched the well-being IH Smart Fryer that has applied eco-friendly, high-efficiency, low-carbon and safe induction heating technology and the IH instant food cooker converged with the functions of cooking, quick boiling and water purification.
The company is actively carrying out marketing activities for advancing in both domestic and global markets and doing its utmost in R&D in order to grow as a global enterprise in the field of IH smart cooking devices.

Induction Smart Fryer (SFT – IH220)
IH (induction heating, or electromagnetic induction) is an excellent fryer featuring low carbon, high efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can be used in various kitchen environments such as convenience stores, tempura shops, and small shops. It is outstanding as it is made with stainless steel which is superior to the appearance and the kitchen environments.
IH side full heating method is employed to provide less-oily and delicious deep frying. It provides a safer and more hygienic environment because oil does not splash and vapor does not occur.
Fixed costs such as edible oil value, fuel costs, etc., decrease by more than 50%.
The fixed costs including cooking oil, fuel costs, etc. and are annually reduced by US$9,000. As it is designed without a heater in the oil tank, handing of replacement of oil and cleaning are easy.

Smart Cooking Devices

Induction Smart Cooker (FCH – D220)
Induction smart cookr is featured for optimized cooking. It is a multi-function product to enjoy delicious food with quick, simple actions. It is a safe, environmentally friendly multi-food cooker suitable for households, convenience stores, schools, offices, businesses and so forth, worldwide.
Multi-function cooking is possible for quick finish within 3 minutes of ramen, udong, and fish cake. This has a cooking function for cooking semi-prepared food and simple food, simple homemade food. It has a function in which hot water can be generated. It also has a purifier function that enables one to drink pure and clean water. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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