Digital Two-way Radio(ACRO-S2)

[INQ. NO. 2112E19] ACRO-S2 supports multilateral, simultaneous, duplex communication. It is a digital two-way radio that allows users to simply and conveniently communicate with each other, with a hands-free push-to-talk button while both hands are free.
It is an intenna type product that has no extruding antenna. It is ultra-small and ultra-light, as large as a business card, and can be easily carried and stored.
It can remove ambient noise, allowing users to smoothly communicate, even with loud background noise. It also has a vibration alarm function so that users will not miss any incoming messages.
The messages are encrypted under the strong security algorithm of AES-256 that safeguards the messages from tapping. ACRO-S2 can minimize the number of equipment the users need because it can be used together with the optional Bluetooth earset.

Digital Two-way Radio(ACRO-S2)

Also, ACRO-S2 has an ad-hoc relay function through which the radio alone works as a relay without installing a separate relay device or facility, the radio can be used in remote areas, such as in a mountain range because the function extends the communication range two times or more.
ACRO-S2’s battery can last longer than 12 hours with less than just 3 hours’ charge, which makes it more convenient for the users.
ACRO-S2 can be used by referees of sporting events, such as football, volleyball, and basketball, under a variety of environments that require duplex communication, such as bodyguarding, construction site, large restaurant hall, movie shooting, etc.

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