UVC Car Air Purifier


[INQ. NO. 2112E20] WON MOTORS KOREA Co., Ltd. is a company that exports automobile navigation devices and car electronic products to foreign automotive dealers.
Containing UVC that sterilizes the air, the product is designed to be used not only for vehicles, but also for offices, bedrooms, and other places.
It is the first automobile air purifier that is equipped with UVC LED used to sterilize air by destroying the DNA of bacteria in the air.
It is the first Korean product that has an HEPA H13-level filter equipped with a copper layer to prevent the multiplication of bacteria filtered by the HEPA filter, and it blocks the creation of harmful substances arising from the secondary reaction of fine dust.

UVC Car Air Purifier

By adopting a PM 2.5 dust sensor, it is able to show the air quality numerically on its LED display. In addition, it has added convenience by applying touch buttons.
Thanks to the use of an 8000RPMBLDC motor designed specifically for this product, the air inside a vehicle is more powerfully purified. As it is operated by a USB DC5V, the product can be conveniently used in various places including vehicles, offices, bedrooms, etc.
Coming with an air freshener cartridge, a user is able to feel fresh air and premium scent as well. The product is also used as a mood light as it emits delicate LED lights through the diffusion plastic.
Since it was founded in Dec. 2006, Won Motors Korea has been supplying display audio, AVN, car electronics and accessories to overseas car dealers in Asia and the Middle East.

UVC Car Air Purifier

Won Motors Korea keeps expanding its product line-ups to include the latest automotive infotainment & electronics, and is exploring new business opportunities in Africa and South America for such potential areas as automotive CKD, and SKD factories.

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