One Day Digital Guide(VARO Guide)

[INQ. NO. 2112E21] VARO Guide is a dental implant guide system developed by Neobiotech Co., Ltd. In 2019. With VARO Guide, artificial teeth can be implanted on the day of visit to the dental clinic. VARO Guide is deemed as the most advanced digital implant guide among the digital implant guides which have become the hot topic in the dental implant market.
Implant guides allow the dentists to safely and accurately implant artificial teeth, but they have a complex manufacturing process which takes a long time, and the patients must make another visit after the initial diagnosis. Thus, preparing a digital implant guide for a patient in one day had been virtually impossible.

One Day Digital Guide(VARO Guide)

With VARO Guide, however, the implant guide manufacturing process can be streamlined and an implant guide can be manufactured in just 30 minutes (in case of a single implant).
An impression can be easily acquired from the patient’s oral cavity using a special digital tray, and then, a CT scan is made to plan the implant. The special digital tray with the impression is directly milled to create the implant guide – it is a digital system whose manufacturing process is completely different from that of the conventional implant guides.
Also, it was difficult to solve the issue of merging in the implant planning stage, but VARO Guide solved the problem with a new emerging market.

One Day Digital Guide(VARO Guide)

The Manufacturing Process of VARO Guide
NeoBiotech has become a global dental implant expert who exports the digital implant guide to some 70 countries, including the U.S., China, and European countries. The company exported KRW 74 billion worth of products in 2020, and plans to actively promote its products to grow into a global implant company.
The company’s representative director emphasized that “the company will create greater values for its precious global customers under the corporate slogan of ‘endless change,’ and supply top-notch products and services that will lead the global market.”

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