AI-based Firefighting Facility Management Solution

[INQ. NO. 2112M27] Fire Guard by Kelim Fire is a comprehensive firefighting facility management solution that presents a new paradigm in firefighting facility management by converting the existing outdated analog-style firefighting facility management into an AI- and IoT-based advanced and smart 3D firefighting facility management system.
With Fire Guard, a building manager can easily manage the building and its firefighting facilities by attaching QR codes onto the firefighting facilities to inquire about the facility and the product information.
The building manager can easily manage the facilities by checking the condition of firefighting facilities on a real-time basis by using the app.
The building manager can determine the location of a firefighting facility to which a QR code is attached, determine how to use the facility, and easily suppress the fire.

AI-based Firefighting Facility Management Solution

In normal times, the building manager can easily manage the firefighting facilities by understanding the locations of fire extinguishers, how to use them, and when to replace them.
The building manager can secure the fire location and the emergency exit using the app.
When the building manager or the firefighting facility manager accesses the server after authentication, they can manage the facilities and the database.
The building manager identify the locations of the firefighting equipment, such as fire alarm control station, pump, etc., understand their specifications and conditions, and review their inspection histories.
Understand where the pumping station is, what the specifications of the pump are, how to use the pump, and in what condition the pump is. The firefighting facility can be comprehensively managed by the control center.

AI-based Firefighting Facility Management Solution

Attach QR code stickers onto the pipes, the firefighting equipment, the pump, etc., and understand when they were installed through the QR codes using the app inside the building.
Browse the malfunction history of a firefighting facility. The app notifies the user of a facility 30 days before the expiration date or scheduled inspection date of the facility so that he or she can carry out an inspection and replacement within an appropriate period.

Offering a New Paradigm in Firefighting Facility Management
Kelim Fire Co., Ltd. offers a new paradigm in firefighting facility management under the motto of “Experience makes theory.” The company has been conducting research based on its experience and technologies accumulated over four decades; acquired the patent rights related to the development of systems that are based on 3D design and smart IT firefighting facility management; and converted the existing analogue type outdated firefighting facility management into the AI-based 3D IoT smart firefighting facility management system for advanced firefighting facility management. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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