Oral-Cavity Management Solution


Oral-Cavity Cleaner (AQ-350)
[INQ. NO. 2112M28] Aquapick is an oral-cavity cleaner with clinically proven effectiveness. The interdental plaque index after the use of Aquapick appeared to have been significantly reduced.
Aquapick is an oral-cavity cleaner that is effective and easy to use, and provides a high level of satisfaction. It is better than dental floss in terms of effectiveness, as it can clean the posterior teeth that dental floss or interdental toothbrushes cannot reach, and the degree of satisfaction after use is higher.
Oral-cavity cleaner AQ-350 removes food residue stuck between the teeth and the gums and massages the gums with its water jet pulsating 2,400 times per minute. A magnet is installed in the bottom of the handle for firm and easy attachment to the main body. The AQ-350 comes with an advanced system that automatically activates cleaning without pushing any button when lifting the handle. AQ-350 has a 600ml water tank that stores enough water for uninterrupted cleaning.

al-Cavity Cleaner (AQ-350)

Electric Sound Wave Toothbrush (AQ-120)
The AQ-120 is small and light, and is thus easy to carry. It is a clever toothbrush that pauses every 30 seconds. It helps children develop appropriate teeth-brushing habits. It has three brushing modes: clean mode is a general mode that cleans the teeth; soft mode is used to clean the teeth or other sensitive areas; and massage mode softly massages the gums. It adopted a non-contact charging electrode which is safe even when wet, and has an IPX7 waterproof rating.
Aquapick, which specializes in developing and manufacturing oral care systems, helps to protect and improve people’s oral health by offering simple and easy solutions to oral care, which requires more than brushing. Aquapick has taken the lead in the oral care market and promises to continue to afford customers greater satisfaction with better quality and service through intensive investment in R&D, and continuous product innovation.
“Aquapick will not remain satisfied with its current reputation as the best oral care system in Korea, but will continue to make every effort to fulfill its social responsibilities by expanding the scope of its oral care system and developing diverse products, enabling more people to take care of their oral health with ease,” explained the president of the company. He added that Aquapick would pursue diverse activities for the enhancement of customer satisfaction including fulfillment of thorough warranty services. He pointed out that Aquapick has grown with the continued encouragement of its clients with their faith and trust in the company’s excellent oral care products and services.

tric Sound Wave Toothbrush (AQ-120)

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