Cold & Hot Water Dispenser and Water Purifier

Winner of the $7 Million Export Tower Award

[INQ. NO. 2202E03] CLOVER CO.,LTD. was established in 1992 with an aim of manufacturing products that can supply clean water to consumers. CLOVER has succeeded in creating its products brands as premium ones in global markets through exporting its products to more than 50 nations, especially in the USA, Europe, Japan, etc.
CLOVER is currently increasing its annual export volume through differentiating its reliable high-quality products from those of China, which once threatened CLOVER’s products with their own merits of comparatively lower prices in lower quality.
Since 2020, CLOVER has been overcoming the obstacles caused by global environmental regulations – through mass-producing of products that use eco-friendly refrigerant.

Cold & Hot Water Dispenser

COLD and Hot Water Dispenser (BL25AT)
BL25at is a product integrated with multiple innovative components. It is possible for consumers to dispense cold and hot water just by nearing their hands to it without pressing a button. This means that it can remove people’s chances of being infected due to contact in the COVID-19 era.
Moreover, a safety function for hot water is added so as to prevent users from being exposed to the potential risk of burn accidents.
The UV LED installed in the inner part of the cold-water bottle periodically sterilizes the contained water, and thus ensures that users can enjoy hygienic drinking. The built-in function for saving electricity allows users to save energy when the dispenser is not being used through lowering the temperature of the hot water.

Cold & Hot Water Dispenser

Water Purifier (DS28A)
Water purifier DS28A was designed to pioneer the Japanese market, which was once called an unexplored land for water purifiers.
It was developed for consumers to drink the water purified by filter through pouring water into DS28A by themselves without connecting to the source of water, considering the Japanese market where ordinary consumers are not accustomed to waterworks for installation of water purifiers.

 Water Purifier

CLOVER has succeeded in pioneering new markets in Japan by addressing the concerns of Japanese companies that have been hesitant to make decisions on whether to enter the water purifier market there.
CLOVER also views the product as a good choice for customers who hope to install water purifiers in places where waterworks are apparently considered to be difficult. DS28A also employs UV LED and an electricity-saving function. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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