Portable UVC Sterilizer


Winner of a $1 Million Export Tower Award

[INQ. NO. 2202E04] PRIMETECH Co. Ltd. was established in 2015 based on a mother’s complaint of inconvenience of sterilization.
The company’s CEO thus developed the UVC sterilizer Vray and it was launched via the Kickstarter-Global crowdfunding channel.
Since 2018, Vray has been exported to the USA, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. PRIMETECH’s exports surpassed US$1 million in 2021 and won an Export Tower award.
Even though it is a small business with few employees, PRIMETECH always strives to ensure the best quality and improve people’s lifestyles. This award is proof of its dedicated efforts. PRIMETECH expects the next advances will be made with launching brand new items in the global market.

Portable UVC Sterilizer
Portable UVC Sterilizer

Customer-oriented UVC Sterilizer Vray
The UVC sterilizer Vray is a customer-oriented device enabling a more hygienic life in homes, offices, schools, etc. Vray is strong, safe, smart, and simple. It sterilizes 99.9% of bacteria including COVID-19 within five seconds, so the customer does not need to spend much time in sterilizing things.

Portable UVC Sterilizer

The SANKYO UVC lamp is specially coated for anti-shattering to prevent the user from an accident caused by a broken lamp. The safety sensor is embedded to shut off automatically when the UVC exposure is detected by being tilted more than 30 degrees. Furthermore, it supports handheld and hands-free use so that there is no limit to items it can sterilize. Size, material, place, and time do not pose any difficulty to sterilize with Vray.
The reliability of Vray has been verified through FCC, CE, RoHS, PSE, and ISO9001 certifications. In Korea, Vray is used in department stores, kindergartens, and senior care centers to protect the shared items. In the USA, the company that supplies school items such as headsets, laptops, and hygiene items signed an OEM contract and corporate for the next model.
It is promoted in various fields including schools, kindergartens, pharmacies, home appliances, and small electronics. It is a driving force of the company’s growth, enabling it to compete in other fields such as hotels, casinos, car wash, and mattress care systems, etc.
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