Non-contact Vein Viewer System

[INQ. NO. 2202E01] Majutech Inc., established in 2015 to become a leader in intravenous injection-related products, is developing products that can satisfy users, based on their needs and perspectives.
Starting with the VeinVu 100 transilluminator, Majutech is planning to release VeinVu 200, the Vein Guider, and the Safety IV Catheter.
As the VeinVu 100 transilluminator shows the veins of the same thickness as real veins on skin, it is possible to observe veins on a real time basis. It is a contactless type product so it is more convenient to use compared with existing contact type products and provides guidance on finding or dividing veins for intravenous injection.
Majutech aims to develop products to be helpful for hospitals, patients and businesses alike by listening carefully to their needs, and to become a global small business.
Majutech which aims to become the world’s leading manufacturer of intravenous injections, announced that it would be showcasing its non-contact new vein viewer system ‘VeinVu 200’ at KIMES in Seoul, Korea, on March 10~20, 2022.

Non-contact Vein Viewer System

VeinVu 200
The VeinVu 200 vein viewer system can be applied to various medical fields such as intravenous injection, plastic surgery, emergency rescue and training. This device is also known as a vein viewer, vein finder, vein detector, vein scanner, vein locator, and vein illuminator.
The VeinVu 200 vein finder system shows veins on the skin surface directly utilizing near-infrared and DLP projection technology for patients whose veins are difficult to identify during intravenous injection. It enables a practitioner to perform procedures while checking for clear and accurate veins in real time, resulting in more precise and faster intravenous injection.
VeinVu 200 vein detector system helps rapid blood collection for subjects whose blood vessels are hard to identify. It also helps prevent infection by minimizing the contact between an examiner and a subject.
VeinVu 200 vein scanner system helps check the blood vessels of a face and perform accurate procedures avoiding blood vessels during plastic surgery and Botox and filler treatment for aesthetic purposes.
VeinVu 200 vein locator system can be applied to emergency rescue as it is easy to move and carry. It helps accurate and faster intravenous procedures during emergency rescue as it is easy to move and carry.

Non-contact Vein Viewer System

VeinVu 200 vein illuminator system can be used in the field of hands-on training on intravenous procedures for medical professionals with insufficient experience and students. It helps training of future medical professionals by providing accurate vein location information upon intravenous injection.
VeinVu200 vein viewer system is a vein finder that can be used safely for anyone regardless of age, gender, skin color, obesity and long-term inpatients whose veins are likely to be difficult to identify.

Non-contact Vein Viewer System

Majutech conducts R&D and manufactures various kinds of medical devices such as the world’s best vein viewer system based on the experience of developing various kinds of cutting-edge medical devices for the past 20 years. Global hidden champion that develops products that are helpful to everyone based on continuous discussion and thinking.

Non-contact Vein Viewer System

Majutech focuses on developing products that satisfy both medical professionals and patients. Majutech develops various products related to intravenous injection starting with a vein viewer system, and is committed to being a global hidden champion that listens to the voices of customers carefully. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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