Smart Ultrasonic Flow Meter

[INQ. NO. 2202E02] SGTechnology’s smart ultrasonic flow meter is designed to cope with building infrastructure for remote monitoring necessary in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution including smart city business, smart water grid, and industrial flow rate measurement.
It is an all-in-one product integrated with each function of ultrasonic water meter, external remote meter, and water pollution measurement, respectively. This meter meets the international standards of OIML-R49.

Smart Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Adopting its independently developed complex sensors (ultrasonic and temperature) and water-pollution measurement sensor, SGTechnology’s smart ultrasonic flow meter is capable not only of simple flow measurement, but also of water-status monitoring including fluid temperature, residual chlorine, turbidity, etc.
Moreover, this flow meter utilizes its own flow rate measurement device through direct transmission and reception using ultrasonic waves and ultrasonic wave flowmeter formed with MEMS complex sensors for minimization of space.

Smart Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Thus, this flow meter could be improved in structure from the reflector V-type largely used in the existing ultrasonic flow meters into Z-type, and in productivity through the minimization of modules.
Moreover, this product secured differentiated competitiveness including higher-quality, reasonable prices, and compact size – compared to ultrasonic flow meters of other enterprises.

Smart Ultrasonic Flow Meter

This flow meter can remotely measure with the help of built-in wireless telecommunication modules. It can monitor not only the flow rate, but also water temperature, residual chlorine, and turbidity. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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