Comprehensive Functional Lights

[INQ. NO. 2202E03] Established in 2018, The Bio Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that manufactures a comprehensive range of functional lighting products.
Currently, The Bio, which started its business with air-purification LED lights utilizing plasma ionizer and photocatalysis, has developed a lineup of plant-growth LED lights for smart-farm that uses five wavelengths and ionizer; air-purification LED lights for eye-protection that utilizes the wavelength strength enforcement technology; IoT smart lights, etc. – after successfully launching low-priced photocatalytic coating lights that targeted the nation’s large-sized marts.

Comprehensive Functional Lights

Eye-protection Five Wavelength LED Light
This LED light adjusts people’s circadian rhythm by controlling the melatonin excretion through improving the wavelength range of cyan, red. This product transmits a certain object’s color more clearly than general LEDs by supporting the creation of rhodopsin with a light like sunlight by accomplishing more than 97 in CRI (Color Render Index).

Comprehensive Functional Lights

Virus-killer LED Light
This LED light purifies air twice – the first time it is purified by a visible light photocatalyst coating; and the second time it is purified by an ultra-plasma ionizer module.
In its first air-purification operation mode, this product continuously removes micro harmful substances in the air by coating a photocatalyst on the LED light cover.
And in its second air-purification process, it performs its purification activity through continuous sterilization and deodorization effects by releasing positive ions and negative ions by decomposing harmful substances in the air into ions – through the plasma discharging that generates high-voltage in the ultra-plasma ionizer module.

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