Healthcare Edu-Tech Platform

[INQ. NO. 2203E10] cetalab is a healthcare edu-tech platform venture business based on AI, big data, smart device and cloud.
cetalab provides education, training, and evaluation on the basis of competence, and a portfolio management platform in which self-examination is in a virtuous cycle, so that it contributes to fostering excellent healthcare. The company intends to become a leader in global healthcare edu-tech platforms by combining advanced ICT technology and healthcare education technology.
U-FOLIO, which cetalab has commercialized, is a service for students in the healthcare field, and is a means to present what they have learned, how they engaged in practical exercises and introspection, and how much their capabilities have improved.

Healthcare Edu-Tech Platform

Now, we live in an era that requires a story highlighting the way one has improved competencies required for a clinical setting, instead of merely considering academic background, grades, and results of the state examination.
All learning activities can be recorded including clinical training, volunteer work inside and outside of school, certificates, awards history, reading diary, and various essay type assignments, as well as credits. Before graduation, through the U-FOLIO B2B service and after graduation, through the U-FOLIO B2C service, one’s portfolio can be stored and managed for one’s entire life.

Healthcare Edu-Tech Platform

U-FOLIO has been developed based on a standard of Web/mobile Web, and is suitable for various devices and browsers such as desktop, laptop, tablet PC, and mobile.
In order to reinforce security, stability and convenience in a busy clinical environment, with frequent disruptions of networks and commonly used devices, an exclusive tablet PC for U-FOLIO use is provided. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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