Gaming Indoor Bike

[INQ. NO. 2203E11] UNIVR Co., Ltd., a body of a group of people who help ordinary persons change their decision for exercise to sincerity, recently unveiled the new DETS bike G1 as part of its fitness brand DETS.
The DETS bike G1 is an integrated product of indoor bike and online mobile game in order to help the users of indoor bikes to exercise entertainingly, rather than the repetitive and boring routine of existing indoor bikes.
This is the so-called gaming indoor bike with which an exerciser can enjoy exercising while gaming with other people – through interlocking with its own developed online mobile game and Bluetooth.
DETS bike G1 has price-competitiveness over other existing products – based upon the company’s own product-development contents.

Gaming Indoor Bike

UNIVR sells and services digital healthcare products integrated with digital contents and exercise. UNIVR supplies products integrated with the public-friendly and interest-arousing game-contents, and exercises for health promotion. And it provides game-contents and exercise-management services.
UNIVR is currently engaged in home training, fitness centers, and rehabilitation areas. UNIVR commercialized DETS bike G1 for home-training in 2021 and has plans to launch gaming fitness in 2023 and non-contact rehabilitation service in 2025 – in order to supply innovative products to places where exercise is needed, from exercise to medical areas.

Gaming Indoor Bike

UNIVR developed products through more than five government-supported R&D projects. It holds many intellectual property rights such as five registered patents, and eight copyrights. At present, UNIVR is carrying out its mission as a research partner of Chungnam National University Hospital.
Through a local subsidiary in the United States, UNIVR plans to export American-style products in earnest in the second half of 2022.

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