Cold Chain System

[INQ. NO. 2203E12] DONGWOO Tech Co., Ltd. is a company that researches, develops and sells products that combine the environment, safety, health and ICT fields such as cold chain system and integrated management system for small waterworks facilities.
DONGWOO Tech is expected to lead the green IT technology innovation by developing more convenient and safer technology for a brighter future and environment.
DONGWOO Tech established an affiliated research institute in 2007, and then it succeeded in acquiring technology-innovation style Inno-Biz certification in 2011. Moreover, DONGWOO Tech has received a Presidential Award in the ICT sector of Korea Innovation Awards in 2016.

Cold Chain System

Cold chain system is a low-temperature controlled logistic system that is applied to diverse industries and its value is increasing day by day — by maintaining a low temperature from the production area to the end-user.
Cold chain system is a management system for the entire supply chain – from production, to storage, transport, sales, and distribution of the goods including food and pharmaceuticals that require temperature-control.

Cold Chain System

Cold Chain Keeper
Cold Chain Keeper is the first product in the world to be equipped with an environmental sensor (CO2, decomposition) and receives and transmits data on five measurement items — namely, temperature, humidity, illumination, vibration and location — and with a large-capacity embedded battery (500mAh), it can be used for up to six days.
Cold Chain Keeper is a system that provides excellent product management in the special transportation industry such as transportation of umbilical cord blood and liquid nitrogen by checking the transportation situation in real-time even in cryogenic temperature environments of -200 degrees C.
The company’s president added, “We will stand in the center of green IT, with our own independent advanced technology.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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