Integrated Indoor Air Quality Management System

[INQ. NO. 2203E13] LABZONE’s latest integrated indoor air-quality management system, called TAMREIN, is a product optimized for air-quality management in multi-use facilities that integrate air purification, air sterilization, air-quality measurement, clean ventilation, remote monitoring, and remote-control functions.
TAMREIN consists of a ceiling-mounted air purification-sterilization device, an indoor-air-quality measurement device, and an integrated management system.

Integrated Indoor Air Quality Management System

The air purification-sterilizer installed on the ceiling shows air purification performance four-to-five times better than that of general stand-type air cleaners in large spaces such as multi-use facilities. It is a product that not only removes fine dust and harmful gases, but also uses a plasma ozone sterilizer to remove viruses in the air. It is an essential product for improving the environment of multi-use facilities.
The indoor-air-quality monitor installed separately from the air purification-sterilizer accurately measures the indoor air quality, and operates the air purification-sterilizer to provide a safe and pleasant environment at all times.

Integrated Indoor Air Quality Management System

The indoor air quality and equipment operation status are transmitted to the server using Wi-Fi communication, allowing administrators to monitor air quality and equipment status anytime, anywhere through the “integrated indoor air quality management web” and remotely control the device.
TAMREIN is optimized for the characteristics of multi-use facilities where many people are exposed to various pollutants such as fine dust, harmful gases, and viruses, and users and administrators of facilities are dualized. It is sure to be an essential product in the era of living with Covid 19.
Since its founding in 2000, LABZONE, as a promising environmental venture, has been developing and producing air-quality management technologies for special facilities such as multi-use venues, medical institutions, childcare facilities, large commercial facilities, laboratories, and workplaces.

Integrated Indoor Air Quality Management System

LABZONE developed an air purification-sterilizer (TAMREIN) capable of effective air purification and sterilization in multi-use facilities for the first time by using a hybrid filter and high-performance plasma ozone sterilizer, which are its differentiated technologies.
LABZONE is striving to develop and distribute products for improving, managing, and maintaining indoor air quality that is directly related to people’s health. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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