Air Monitor

(Measuring Instrument for Indoor Temperature, Humidity, and Carbon Dioxide)

[INQ. NO. 2203E17] WISECONN Co., Ltd. recently released its measuring instrument under the brand name Prio A1 for measuring indoor temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide, which displays the condition of indoor air in real time.
It is a small product that is easy to attach and use anywhere indoors, and it is easy to check the air quality anywhere and display an alarm according to the concentration of carbon dioxide on an LED, allowing users to recognize the air quality without checking data.
Exposure to CO2 indoors for a long time can cause drowsiness, dizziness, lethargy, and headaches, resulting in changes in one’s health condition.

Air Monitor

Carbon dioxide is not purified with an air purifier, but if reliable information is provided at the right time, ventilation can create healthy concentrations.
It helps prevent drivers from drowsy driving, and protects offices, study rooms, conference rooms, factories, and educational facilities with closed spaces that require continuous ventilation management for carbon dioxide exposure.
It weighs only 58g and its compact size is 605070 (mm), so it can be easily attached and conveniently measured anywhere by anyone with a simple use method.

Air Monitor

WISECONN Co., Ltd. is a company that provides IoT-based system integration solutions.
WISECONN pursues value creation utilizing core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To this end, it aims to provide a system that can protect humanity and improve quality of life by connecting people to ideas, and connecting technologies to people by developing technologies such as artificial intelligence.
The company president explains, “We established WISECONN Co., Ltd. in 2017, registered various patents, applied for Prio trademarks, sought patents for integrated safety systems using bone substrate meters and smart window displays based on cloud environment big data, and participated in various domestic and international business exhibitions to promote WISECONN.”
WISECONN’s businesses are the Prio series, medical field, baby history series, embedded integrated system, and interface board.

Air Monitor

Among them, WISECONN’s flagship product, the Prio Series, uses various sensors to provide a service that monitors the air quality and surrounding environment. The system can be configured by selecting the type of sensor according to the customer’s needs in a systemic manner.
Multiple devices can be installed in each place to build an integrated control system in one place.
The company’s president added “We provide system integration solutions in various industrial fields. We will do our best to provide systems that consider human dignity and improve the quality of human life.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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