Air-Purifi cation Sterilizer

[INQ. NO. 2203E18] Puresys’s air purifier sterilizer has improved upon the disadvantages of the conventional air purifiers-cum-sterilizers that generate ozone for sterilization and purification.
It was chosen as one of the next-generation world-class products in 2020. Furthermore, this product also absorbs the surrounding harmful ozone.
It has thus been recognized for physical and health safety, and is considered to be useful for eliminating sick-house syndrome – preventing infections, and decomposing harmful chemicals in hospitals, postpartum care centers, laboratories, government offices, schools, etc. Puresys is gradually expanding into overseas markets including China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Belgium.
With this innovative technology, Puresys won a prize at the Korea Invention & Patent Awards, and it has been designated as a patented technology of superior inventions for preferential purchase.

Air-Purifi cation Sterilizer

A passenger cabin air quality improvement system applying the Puresys’ Nano-catalytic technology was installed in the engine rooms of all the railroad cars of Seoul Metro Subway Lines 1 to 4 in 2014.
The all-in-one series of Puresys is an air purifier-cum-sterilizer for operating rooms that removes bacteria, viruses and harmful gases by decomposing harmful substances at the source using a catalyst safe for humans (Patent No. 10-1069685), has improved disadvantages of the conventional air purifier-cum-sterilizer that had to generate ozone for sterilization and purification, and even eliminates the surrounding harmful ozone.
As the Enforcement Regulation of the Medical Law was recently enforced, it became necessary to have air purifying equipment that can prevent infection of patients in operating rooms and hospitals, and supply clean air from which dust and germs are removed. Therefore, such air purifying equipment has been installed in postpartum care centers, laboratories, government offices, schools, etc. as well as operating rooms of hospitals.

Air-Purifi cation Sterilizer

Puresys has developed a module of the ventilation and purification device for smoking rooms and smoking booths and, therefore, are constantly receiving supply orders from manufacturers of smoking booths and smoking rooms.
President and CEO Lee Woo-young explains, “Puresys is continuing a project which is related to many things that add Internet of Things technology while building the apartments and installing built-in products from start of the construction. Also, Puresys is developing an infection management system for a fire station’s mental and physical stability room.”

Air-Purifi cation Sterilizer

Based on proven performance in terms of secured safety and the strength of Korea’s science and technology, Puresys has been deeply researching and developing new-technology purification and sterilization materials by using state-of-the-art equipment and the excellent research infrastructure of KAIST.
Based on such source science and technology, Puresys is researching and developing new technologies aiming at environmental improvement and a people-oriented “Puretopia.” In addition, Puresys’s all-in-one series is entering global markets, such as China, Southeast Asia and Europe, with its world-best level of technical superiority and design. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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