All-in-One VR Device

[INQ. NO. 2203E19] VR Fetus of GILJAESOFT CO., LTD. comprises a wireless image transmitter, VR glasses and Android smart pad App.
VR Fetus is a product designed to show a fetus through VR when a pregnant woman has 3D ultrasonography in obstetrics, with which she can get a more vivid look at her fetus, and can see the distinctive points and fetal growth through 3D fetus avatar reflecting fetal development.
The pad App of VR Fetus, a product to view a fetus through the Android smart pad, can provide views from various angles, not only through the ultrasound image and 3D fetal avatar, but also via 3D ultrasound imaging through the depth process of GILJAESOFT CO., LTD.

All-in-One VR Device

Moreover, it has a photo printing function for the fetal ultrasound imaging, and the 3D fetal avatar. Photo print is drawing favorable responses from expectant women.
The pad App of VR Fetus complies with the efforts of obstetricians to protect personal information of expectant women, which does not need to store such information to the cloud server, since all of these functions are available via the integrated own App.

All-in-One VR Device

3D fetal avatar of VR fetus is linkable to the aluvuu maternity App of GILJAESOFT CO., LTD.
The aluvuu maternity App is provided free of charge in order to view the process of fetal growth in the 3D fetal avatar and a graph, which supports both I-phone and Android App.

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