Smart Driving-Test Solution

[INQ. NO. 2203E20] Neo Information Systems Co., Ltd. is the first company that has won approval for an automatic marking system for a driver’s license test from the Korea’s National Police Agency. It provides a total solution for driving tests, from written tests to functional tests, and from a driving-test course to road tests, to license issuance.
Driving tests, which used to be manually graded by supervisors, can now be more fairly and precisely conducted thanks to the 100% electronic marking system. By installing a real-time high-precision GNSS system in a driving test vehicle, the 100% automated marking system has been achieved without burying sensors in and around a driving test course. Neo Information Systems’ own location correction algorithm boasts accuracy with an error range of less than 1cm.

Smart Driving-Test Solution

In addition, the surround-view system and DVR provide recorded test videos for real-time monitoring or views, thus reducing possible complaints. The automatic safety solution, which secures the safety of student drivers, prevents dangerous situations arising from unskilled driving by automatically stopping the engine when the vehicle’s RPM is too high, or it is moving too fast.
Neo Information Systems has moved into the integrated business area related to driver’s license tests and transportation & driving systems such as driving test electronic-marking systems and written-test management and computing systems for driving schools, capturing more than 80% of the domestic market.

Smart Driving-Test Solution

The solution-provider, Neo Information Systems, aims to take the lead in establishing standards for international driving-test electronic marking systems, by actively tracking global trends.
The integrated system for driving tests is being used not only in Korea but also in 11 overseas nations. Based on substantive experience in installing the system in other countries, the providers are able to modify and change the solution to satisfy local driving tests and training circumstances at customers’ requests.

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