An Emerging Global Leader in the Field of Eco-friendly Road Traffic Safety Facilities

G&I Tech Co., Ltd. has ever since its establishment in 2010 been professionally developing and manufacturing various high-quality traffic safety products and systems required for the safety of pedestrians and drivers – including expressway fences, crosswalk fences, bicycle path fences, park view fences, etc. – and thus positioning itself as an innovative leader in the field of eco-friendly solar LED traffic safety studs.

We met the CEO of G&I Tech, Suh Chang-beom, to listen to what he had to say about the overall growth of the company including his further goals for this year.
Please tell us more about your company?

CEO of G&I Tech

Since 2010, G&I TECH CO., LTD. has developed and manufactured various types of traffic-safety products and systems required for better safety on the roads — in particular protective LED markers for expressways crosswalks, bicycle paths, and so forth. We are now recognized as a leader in the field of innovative, eco-friendly solar LED traffic-safety studs.
I personally participated in the technology development based on my engineering experience in road transportation. After officially opening a research institute in 2017, we have been intensifying our R&D efforts with a team of highly experienced engineers.

An Emerging Global Leader in the Field of Eco-friendly Road Traffic Safety Facilities

What items are you mainly exporting?
Our solar LED road marker first acquired the small-and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) performance authentication from the Korean government in recognition of its superb quality and performance and was designated as an excellent product by the Public Procurement Service.
And our solar LED traffic safety system, GIWICS, was registered at the Expressway Technology Market, designated as a procurement innovation product, and selected as an excellent innovative product of SMEs – in recognition of its innovation standard and technology level.

solar LED road marker

Our solar wireless traffic system GIWICS – a collaborative technology of our eco-friendly solar and IoT — is a new-concept traffic safety system that utilizes solar and wireless IoT. As this requires no installation of wire, it can be installed in various global road environments without restrictions – including frequent congestion sections, black ice sections, and child protection areas, etc., depending on the purpose of each installation.

ur solar wireless traffic system GIWICS – a collaborative technology of our eco-friendly solar and IoT — is a new-concept traffic safety system that utilizes solar and wireless IoT.

Domestically, we have been delivering GIWICS to various road-related demand clients such as local governments, Korea Expressway Corporation, etc., receiving good approval ratings for the high quality of our products. Thus, GIWICS was chosen as a national innovative product in recognition of its superb performance. Currently, with GIWICS drawing keen attention from various sources, we are further expecting the demand for our GIWICS to steadily increase.

Which export markets are you currently focusing on, and what potential markets are you considering exploring in the future?
Starting with the first exports in 2014, we have been steadily exporting to more than 20 nations in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, etc. At present, we are launching various overseas promotion activities in accordance with the so-called “Living with COVID-19” – in order to advance into the major American and Japanese markets in earnest, which was delayed due to the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

G&I Tech

Please elaborate on your company’s growth goals for this year?
Amidst the traffic safety and environmental issues that are emerging around the world, we are intensifying our efforts this year with an aim to promote our latest new concept of road traffic safety system utilized with our own eco-friendly energy to both domestic and overseas markets through brisk promotion activities.
Although overseas business has slowed down and restrictions have been placed on advancing into overseas markets – caused by the unexpected pandemic since 2020 — we have achieved good export performance through steady indirect promotion activities (online, SNS, etc.). In preparation for the post-COVID-19 era and stabilization of markets, we are aiming to reinvigorate our efforts to launch more active promotions than ever before for advancing into overseas markets.
We are further making creative, sincere efforts in order to contribute not only to improving the safety of the nation’s road traffic environment, but also to global traffic safety – through ceaseless R&D investment based upon our eco-friendly solar technology with our own accumulated know-how. From now on, we plan to contribute to society with more advanced products and play a part in building the next-generation smart cities.

G&I Tech

Finally, do you have any further messages for your potential global business partners?
G&I TECH aims to contribute to building eco-friendly smart-cities in the modern world where everything is rapidly developing and changing. We plan to provide effective road safety facilities by actively utilizing pure green-energy solar and wireless IoT smart technology. We will thus contribute to building safer, more convenient, and pleasant city environments that pedestrians and drivers can enjoy with peace of mind.
As our products can be installed even in remote locations where no electricity exists and operated independently – with no restrictions regarding installation position, there are various advantages such as easy maintenance. With great potential for market-expansion, we will ensure fulfillment of orders received.

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