Eco-friendly Wireless Traffic Safety System (GIWICS)

[INQ. NO. 2203E23] G&I TECH Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, manufactures and sells traffic-safety systems, road studs, traffic-safety facilities, exit signs, exterior-lighting products, etc.
Earning recognition from the Korean government for outstanding quality and performance of solar LED road studs developed by its skilled researchers, the company obtained the certification of SME performance and the designation of excellent procurement product for the first time in Korea in 2017.
Thanks to its ceaseless R&D endeavors, the company was able to develop GIWICS (G&I Wireless Control System), a solar-powered wireless traffic-safety system using lighting facilities in 2018, and exports it to 20 foreign markets, thereby taking the lead in the traffic safety sector.
GIWICS technology is an eco-friendly wireless traffic safety system that prevents accidents and provides a smooth traffic environment by giving drivers a warning notification in advance through solar LED road safety facilities installed on roads through wireless communication using IoT technology – by predicting in advance the possibility of accidents by various situations including the changes in road environment such as sudden congestion, sudden curves, and tunnel access roads, as well as climate changes such as fog/non/black ice, etc. – through various wireless sensor detectors tailored to the field situation.
In addition, after obtaining a patent and being designated as a public procurement service innovative product in recognition of its remarkable ideas and technology, GIWICS is widely used for road safety in Korea.

Eco-friendly Wireless Traffic Safety System (GIWICS)

GIWICS, lead safer technology of wireless solar and IoT technology
GIWICS, which is equipped with wireless solar power and IoT technology, is very suitable to the realization of smart roads and urban planning. As road traffic safety and environmental protection have become the biggest concerns in road traffic sectors worldwide, the integrated solution of GIWICS provided by G&I TECH will certainly play a key role in creating smart road conditions by protecting the environment and maximizing road safety for both drivers and pedestrians to lead safer daily lives.
GIWICS uses solar energy instead of electricity and reads, controls, and adjusts the traffic environment in real time through a radio transmission and reception system (IoT) and GPS functions.
As an eco-friendly traffic-safety system, it can reduce installation and maintenance expenses and enhance convenience for managers and safety for citizens through precise road-management using cutting-edge technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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