Shaping New Experiences and Values by Combining Various Technologies and Creative Ideas

CELLBIG Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, has the most advanced technology organization in commercializing a wide range of the latest technologies – including deep learning video recognition technology; projection mapping technology; virtual enhancement reality technology; SW HW fusion technology; and gamification content technology – which is differentiated from AR/VR/MR/AI companies.
The content produced by CELLBIG was revolutionary for everyone and helped them grow as clients and successful partners.

We met with the CEO of CELLBIG Co., Ltd., Lee Sang-ro, to listen to what he had to say about the overall growth of the company including his further goals for this year.

Please tell us more about your company?
We combine tiny cells to create big content. CELLBIG always thinks ahead. We create distinct values that will lead the way into the next era based on a spirit of challenge for technological innovation and customer-centered creative thinking.

CEO of CELLBIG Co., Ltd., Lee Sang-ro

CELLBIG is creating new unique values in response to customer needs and market changes, while planning and producing future-oriented content that will lead the way in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
In particular, our corporate content research lab makes consistent R&D efforts for contents that will lead the next generation, leveraging a variety of innovative technologies, including augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, holograms, and furthermore, the metaverse.

Shaping New Experiences and Values by Combining Various Technologies and Creative Ideas

What are your main export items?
We produce a new concept of ‘edutainment’ content that combines education and play based on CELLBIG’s high-tech AR, VR, MR, and A.I. expertise, and it is content that allows users to learn and enjoy through various forms of learning and games at the same time, and this is what we are exporting overseas.

Which export markets are you currently focusing on, and what potential markets are you considering exploring in the future?
In the past, China, Japan, the Philippines, and more recently the United States have achieved successful results and gained recognition in various countries and in the domestic markets. CELLBIG is exploring more overseas markets by developing high technology in various fields as well as the current education market.


Please elaborate on your company’s growth goals for this year?
We have created a metaverse prototype based on tangible contents that have received a great response and recognition for CELLBIG’s numerous results so far. Currently, it is used in all keywords, and large companies are scrambling to make it, so CELLBIG’s realistic contents that have been steadily developed for nearly 20 years are metaverse themselves.
In addition to specializing in the field of education, we aim to grow the metaverse widely in various sales in 2022. We have already conducted metaverse business in industries such as education, fashion, defense, and mold. And it will be a year to gain a foothold in stock listings, driven by continued company growth. In addition, we want to publicize and gain wider recognition for CELLBIG’s high technology through various routes in order to attract foreign investment.


Finally, do you have any further messages for your potential global business partners?
CELLBIG is already highly recognized, not only in Korea but also abroad, because the consensus people see and feel cannot be divided into borders. It is the same regardless of East and West and they are convinced of CELLBIG’s excellent content.
CELLBIG’s door is always open to potential overseas buyers who want to experience new sensibilities and amazing experiences that they have never known before. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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