Medical X-ray Flat Panel Detectors

[INQ. NO. 2208E09] VIVIX-S V series by Vieworks is one of its latest X-ray flat panel detector lineups. It offers the optimal imaging solutions with advanced X-ray imaging technology and a beautiful design to make the work environment more pleasant. The cassette-sized X-ray flat panel detectors are offered in three sizes: 25 x 30 cm, 36 x 43 cm, and 43 x 43 cm.

VIVIX-S V series has gained a reputation as a retrofit total solution in the competitive global market by offering high-performance flat panel detectors and integrated software solutions in packages. With market-proven technology and ceaseless innovation, the V series opened a new era of digital radiography that comes with improved workflow, image quality, and economy.

Vieworks offers the optimal solution for diagnostic practice with superior image quality achieved through cutting-edge hardware design and advanced imaging processing technologies. With three wireless antennas, it offers faster and more stable wireless communication with the SCU.

The V series enhances the robustness of the detectors with 1m drop height, 400kg uniform load, IP67, and wider operating temperature. Vieworks also considered improving usability by making it lighter, offering diverse and convenient charging methods, and embedding an OLED status screen.

Industrial cameras (VC Series)
Vieworks’ VC Series of high-speed and high-resolution industrial cameras, is a family of CMOS cameras for various machine-vision applications. VC Series is optimal for demanding applications including flat panel display inspection, semiconductor inspection, and printed circuit board inspection.

With a resolution of up to 151 megapixels, the VC series is particularly renowned for is ultra-high resolution as well as its high speed of up to 337 fps. VC Series supports Camera Link, CXP-6, CXP-12, and 10GigE interfaces presenting a wider range of options to users. Offering maximum usability, the programmable camera’s firmware is easily updatable in the field. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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