Multilingual Solution for Integrated Consultation

[INQ. NO. 2208E08] Seize, a multilingual solution for integrated consultation, is a recently developed core solution for various contact center solution functions, with the ability to not only to handle inbound/outbound calls, but also to expand to a number of work areas including TM, callback, AS reception, complaint consultation, etc.

As it is equipped with additional core functions such as KMS, WFMS, display, etc., customers are able to quickly set up a consultation center at an affordable price.
As a multi-language solution, it can communicate in Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Indonesian. Multi-browsing response, expandability, maintenance, etc., are all provided through the realization of Java Open Framework, HTML5, and Non-ActiveX.

Multilingual Solution (Seize) provides inbound call functions
This solution provides inbound call functions including general calls, complaint consultation and callbacks, etc. And real-time data inquiry is possible through the connection between the solution system and the backbone system even while in consultation. When registering complaints, relevant messages are automatically sent to persons in charge. And a real-time message-sending channel system is utilized while in consultation on the phone.

As for OB calls, it provides functions for monitoring campaign plans and relevant current conditions in real time, uploading and filtering external DB when implementing campaigns, and easily and quickly extracting clients that are to be managed.

It also provides a counselor allocation module used to assign clients to be managed to counselors in accordance with their expertise and comes with a number of call policy operation functions and statistics, including PDS, Preview, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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